“I’ve got a natural taste for quality and an appetite for amazing cuisine.”

Welcome to LivCooks! I am Liv – a nickname my mom gave me when I was a child – the middle part of my name, Oliver. I have always had a passion for food and cooking.

I grew up in Los Angeles and spent my days after elementary school eating and tasting recipes in my mom’s cooking school, MaCuisine in West Hollywood. I gained a real appreciation for food and cooking there at a very young age. I started cooking with my dad. We used to make everything from a simple grilled steak to rolling out fresh pasta!

During my younger years the most important thing I learned was never to be too serious with food; rather to enjoy the ingredients, experiment, and put my heart into my cooking. I truly love everything about cooking. I love going to the grocery store, planning the perfect meal, relaxing while I cook and then plating a meal that shows love to those I cook for.

Now, I want to take what I’ve learned over the years and bring it to you. I want to show you that it’s not that hard to make a great meal for your family or friends!